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Karen Hirsch - Coach



Individual Leadership Coaching

Many leaders feel overwhelmed and isolated as a result of dealing with multiple and sometimes conflicting demands and pressures. No matter how much they believe in and are committed to their organization’s mission, it is often difficult to sustain a positive attitude, enthusiasm and energy under these conditions. And, this is very likely to affect the morale and productivity of everyone in the organization. A professional leadership coach works with leaders to identify and put into practice various ways to improve the effectiveness and quality of their work experience.

The many benefits can include: improved clarity, focus and use of time and energy; better communication and relationships with staff and/or board; more effective delegation of responsibility; greater balance between work and personal life; better response to stress; and improved morale, productivity and quality of work. An invaluable benefit that affects all aspects of leadership is reconnecting with enthusiasm with the vision and organization as a whole.


Group Leadership Coaching

More than many leaders may realize, they have many things in common - even when their organizations differ. A group, facilitated by an experienced leadership coach, provides leaders with the rare, even unique opportunity to both speak candidly and listen to each other in a confidential, supportive and safe environment. Through sharing challenges and aspirations, participants learn from each other’s experiences and identify their own strengths and strategies for accomplishing their goals. The range of benefits from participating in a leaders’ group are the same as those participating in individual coaching for leaders. Finally, there is often the wonderful release that laughter brings from sharing and discovering much common ground.




“My coaching work with Karen has been extremely valuable. During each session we examine an issue—usually I offer a story and describe my thinking or actions—and Karen helps me re-frame the issue. The coaching process and Karen’s thoughtful insights give me a much-needed opportunity to step back, ask questions, question my assumptions, and reflect on my leadership role. Coaching has been terrific for me, and I highly recommend Karen to anyone in a nonprofit leadership position.”

Alex Truesdell
Executive Director
Adaptive Design Association, Inc., NYC