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Conflict Resolution: Workshop Series

Differences and conflict are a natural part of life, but too often they are not handled with sensitivity and skill and this can lead to many problems in communication, relationships and functioning. Understandably, most people either avoid or react aggressively to potential or actual conflict because they have never learned another way.

The good news is that with strong intention, practice and feedback people will increase their awareness and skill in dealing with their own feelings and reactions. This results in more sensitive and effective communication with others. The benefits are numerous and include: thinking more clearly; making choices rather than reacting; opening up constructive dialogue; improving work and personal relationships; contributing to improved morale; and increasing productivity and creativity.


Increasing Emotional Intelligence:

Workshop Series

“Emotional Intelligence” as defined by Daniel Goleman, Ph.D. psychologist, is “the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.” Emotional Intelligence can be improved! People who are highly skilled intellectually and/or technically may lack satisfying relationships or healthy self-esteem. Unless there are psychological issues that require psychotherapy, increasing Emotional Intelligence will have a significant positive impact on the quality of one’s relationships and life.

Our focus and experiential practice will include: increasing awareness of wider range of emotions in oneself and others, understanding what contributes to various emotional states (including beliefs, values, perceptions, assumptions, thoughts and core universal needs), and identifying for each participant what predictably triggers intense emotional reactions. The more we experience and integrate all of this into our lives, the greater our capacity for empathy with others - and with ourselves.









"As a lawyer specializing in workplace matters, I frequently deal with interpersonal conflicts between employees at all levels. Karen has been instrumental in helping me come up with innovative, effective interventions, including mediation. In addition to her skill and empathy, she offers her perspective in a way that I never feel pressured or judged. Our work together is a true collaboration.”

Lois Penn,
Equal Employment
Opportunity Officer
Bellevue Hospital Ctr.



"Iíve observed and experienced first-hand Karenís deep insights and ability to help people transform their lives through dialogue.Ē

Patricia Hunt-Perry, Ph.D Prof. of Social Thought