Karen Hirsch - Coach
Karen Hirsch - Coach


Karen has a gift for listening. She has the rare ability to provide substantive feedback and insight which come not just from her own perspective but are based on a true understanding of how that particular person operates and ticks. Karen takes the time to really get to know someone, leaving any preconceived notions/assumptions to one side, and asking questions which get to the heart of the matter. I value Karen's perspective highly, from both a personal and professional perspective.


Lola Adesioye
Writer, Broadcaster & Musician

Karen is a perfect mix, for me, of kindness, empathy, humor, insight and – what is not so often seen with that combo – critical intellectual and political acumen.  I like people who can think and feel at both an individual and a broad social systemic level at once.  She’s got it.  You can work on your personal issues with her and then switch to what we’re doing about our world as if they are just two sides of one coin (maybe they are!).

David Belden
Editor, Writer,
Restorative Justice Facilitator

Karen is a wonderful and very attentive editor.  She reads the text with the critical eye and in the same time, with the great love and respect for the text.  I write short stories and children’s books in English and Russian.  Karen was a great help as an editor with my short stories.

Olga Bukhina
Writer and Translator

Karen is a passionate and highly valuable team player.  Together, we worked on two projects: convening a workshop for federal executives facing barriers in implementing the Obama Administration’s Open Government Initiative; and developing a plan for connecting community conversations into a broader national dialogue.  Karen’s strong editing skills and fresh ideas enabled us to more clearly and effectively express the vision for these plans.  She has consistently delivered for our project teams and our output is significantly better because of her efforts.

Lucas Cioffi
CEO, QiqoChat.com
Co-Founder, Open Government Directive Workshop Series

Karen is an absolutely great coach. She is an amazing listener, asks great questions, and constantly helps me see my work in a new light. What I truly love about Karen is that I can talk to her about a small concrete problem or about a major shift in our thinking as an organization, and she will bring a fresh perspective to both of these extremes. In two words: Karen rocks.

Ami Dar

As an artist and educator, watching Cambodia recover from genocide and civil war moved me to form a nonprofit organization to assist young people at risk in Southeast Asia through unique, innovative art programs.  In developing projects, talking with Karen inspires both new creative thinking and careful attention to essential details.  As an editor, she suggests user-friendly language to convey complex concepts and unexpressed potential in a cohesive and compelling way.  In our dialogues, Karen shares her ideas with candor and enthusiasm – and I never feel pressured to accept them.  She provides quick turn-arounds and has been enormously helpful in weaving complicated visions into strong action plans.  I really enjoy our working together.

Valentina DuBasky
Founder/Executive Director
Art in a Box

I have observed and experienced first-hand Karen’s deep insights and ability to help people transform their lives through dialogue.

Patricia Hunt-Perry, Ph.D
Professional of Social Thought

I have tremendous respect for Karen's coaching, because she is filled with fire, passion and curiosity. She has an innate desire to bring people together and is deeply committed to supporting social activists and their causes. She is also a gifted editor with an eye toward simplicity and clarity. She knows when to slow down and when to push forward. Most importantly, she brings depth and caring into her relationships, so I have a lot of confidence in her coaching and her impact in the world.

Martha Lasley
Leadership That Works

Effective coaching deepens a client’s self-awareness, motivation, and vision as well as supports action that realizes that vision. Karen's years of dedication to social change and a deep empathy bring a unique blend of caring, kindness, insight, and power to people she works with. So whether you are the leader of an organization, in life transition, or looking to make your full contribution in life, I highly recommend Karen as a coach who will create an environment for you to thrive.

Richard Michaels
Director of Coaching for Transformation
Leadership that Works

Working with Karen almost always opens up a perspective I had not thought of.  Her deep listening and thoughtful questions turn visions into doable projects.  She brings to her practice a rare combination of skill, intuition, compassion and candor.

Paula Pace
Mediator and Facilitator

As a lawyer specializing in workplace matters, I frequently deal with interpersonal conflicts between employees at all levels. Karen has been instrumental in helping me come up with innovative, effective interventions, including mediation.  In addition to her skill and empathy, she offers her perspective in a way that I never feel pressured or judged.  Our work together is a true collaboration.

Lois Penn
Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
Bellevue Hospital Center

In my capacity as co-editor of the Palestine-Israel Journal, a hyper-sensitive bi-national work environment, I have benefitted greatly from Karen's coaching.  She has helped me clarify issues in “real-time” contexts, assess options in interpersonal conflict situations and process developments as they unfold. Her editorial suggestions and strategic questions about timing and targets were an important contribution to an emergency fundraising letter.  Karen’s advice and gentle though probing guidance can be a tremendous asset to any NGO manager.

Hillel Schenker
Palestine-Israel Journal

I met Karen through a mutual friend who knew we were kindred spirits, believing in democracy, authenticity and staying committed in these politically bleak times. She is a compassionate, attentive listener who brings wisdom and also levity from years of political activism and myriad disciplines, including conflict resolution and Buddhism. Sharing my experience and learning from her has helped me clarify and more holistically integrate personal growth with professional development to better focus my intentions and engage with life’s opportunities.


Gabriela Schneider
Communications Professional
Political Nonprofits, Washington, D.C.

My coaching work with Karen has been extremely valuable. During each session we examine an issue – usually I offer a story and describe my thinking or actions – and Karen helps me re-frame the issue.  The coaching process and Karen’s thoughtful insights give me a much-needed opportunity to step back, ask questions, question my assumptions and reflect on my leadership role. Coaching has been terrific for me and I highly recommend Karen to anyone in a nonprofit leadership position.

Alex Truesdell
Founder/Executive Director
Adaptive Design Association, Inc., NYC

I've had single "coaching conversations" with Karen about many different issues.  My needs for trust, confidence and understanding are met by her compassion and sensitivity.  Karen listens so deeply and supportively that I hear my own words echoing back to me, deepening my self-connection and understanding.  I am amazed by her ability to switch from this quality of focused listening to shared brainstorming and partnering.  And I love that she brings decades of social activism, concern for equality, justice and the planet into her coaching.  Plus she has a great sense of humor!

Roberta Wall
Trainer and Co-Director
Nonviolent Communication Mideast

For the last several years, Karen has been a guiding support to me personally and to my organization, Liminal Somatics. Her organizational experience, skills and broad perspective have helped me shape my own body of work, Somatic Consensus. Karen’s editorial recommendations have been an asset in developing my business outreach materials and the arduous process of writing my book. Her clear insights and keen eye for discrepancies are always delivered with respect and sincerity. Karen's enthusiasm and honesty bring that out in me. I am most grateful for her generous spirit, graciousness and passion to create a better world.

David Weinstock
Director and Lead Trainer
Liminal Somatics

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